Slough Museum, Community Conversations, 2013-2014

The ‘Community Conversations’ project aimed to make Slough’s community stronger, happier, and more sustainable through intergenerational conversations.The project utilised the Museum’s trusted position to be the facilitator of important dialogues.‘Community Conversations’ led to stronger connections, understanding, learning, and relationships across Slough’s community.

Conversations sparked greater cohesion across generations and communities, and brought people together to work towards an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable future for Slough. ‘Community Conversations’ worked in close partnership with young people at Aik Saath, a local charity that empowers and supports young people to lead and deliver change in their community.


Vision & Purpose

‘Community Conversations’ improved understanding,  increased ownership and active citizenship, and shapes a cohesive and sustainable future for Slough, where individuals and the environment are valued.


  • All the participants wanted to continue.
  • A beautiful booklet was produced available on the website.
  • A Curious objects provoke curiosity!  The collection makes conversations happen.


  • Staff towards the end of the project limited continuity.
  • Conversations had to be at Aik Saath, limiting exposure to museum.
  • Staff couldn’t attend all Happy Museum events limiting opportunities for peer support.