As a university museum, the Manchester Museum uses its international collection of human and natural history for enjoyment and inspiration, working with people from all backgrounds to provoke debate and reflection about the past, present and future of the earth and its inhabitants.

Manchester Museum are also participating in our 5 Year Study

“We really benefited from the networking and development opportunity offered through the Happy Museum community of practice. We found the input from other practitioners helped to shape what was happening, gave us a chance to think about our work, and reflect in a different way.” Manchester Museum


  • Rules for a Playful Museum – Manchester MuseumRules for a Playful Museum - Manchester Museum
    During 2014 – 15 Manchester Museum undertook two Happy Museum projects aiming to investigate and embed playfulness in their museum practice.  The first project trained the museum’s visitor team to develop their understanding of play and reflection techniques. In the second project, the museum developed Rules for a Playful Museum, a playful and accessible handbook to capture the learning and ...