Be an active citizen is one of the Happy Museum Principles – for relevant tools and resources see links below

Why? As the New Citizenship Project identifies – studies show that when we think of ourselves as consumers we are less likely to tackle society’s biggest problems, such as climate change while when we think of ourselves as citizens we are more likely to participate, volunteer and come together to make society stronger and more resilient.

How? Encourage everyone to find out use their full potential and engage with civic society (staff, volunteers, visitors and communities)

Museums should encourage individuals to be more active within civil society (including individuals working in museums as well as their volunteers, visitors, audiences and communities). Using what they learn from connections within their communities the work of museums can reflect current trends and issues which affect people’s daily lives. Active citizenship also relates to awareness and understanding of connectivity across the world and across time, seeking international and historical associations to contextualise local and current issues.

What? Support the needs of individuals and encourage active involvement and engagement. Work experimentally and anticipate the discomfort of change.

Museum Case Studies

Some case studies where this principle was tested out in practice.

Themed Case Studies

Here is a themed case study focusing on this principle.


Some tools you might like to use.