This is one of the Happy Museum Principles – for relevant tools and resources see links below.

Why? To create happy, resilient teams and communities

How? Co-create, share ownership and work from the basis of mutual benefit (give and gain) with volunteers, audiences participants and staff

Work towards building more mutual relationships with your staff, communities, supporters and visitors. Explore how museum staff and public can work together, with different expertise but equal respect, to achieve common outcomes such as making a sustainable locality in which to live and work. Learn from voluntary organisations and social enterprises to try out new models of working with people. Consider new ways of working such as Human-centered design, or structures such as mutual or co-operative status.

What?   Work across hierarchies and boundaries. Be a host, brokering new relationships and becoming a hub for communities.

Museum Case Studies

Here are some case studies where this principle was tested out in practice.

Themed Case Studies

Here is a themed case study focusing on this principle.


Here are some tools you might like to use.