Create the conditions for wellbeing is one of the Happy Museum Principles – for relevant tools and resources see links below

Why?  Communities who are Learning together, Interacting with each other, Feeling happy, active and worthwhile, Environmentally aware and caring for their surroundings (see our LIFE survey) will have higher levels of wellbeing and be more resilient.

How?  Encourage opportunities for playfulness, creativity, activity, interaction and aesthetics

Seek to understand the importance of wellbeing embracing healthy minds not just bodies, and healthy societies not just individuals. Wellbeing is about more than just smiles or positive emotions but about the quality of our lives and our relationships. Happy Museums should explore how to create the environment for these to flourish. Embody and enhance the Five Ways to Wellbeing as set out by the New Economics Foundation, which can be summarised as Connect; Be Active; Take Notice; Keep Learning and Give.

What?  Explore ways to support and enhance communal wellbeing.

‘Having wellbeing as a goal legitimises bringing ‘enjoyment’ into work and has made me more relaxed in my approach as I accept ‘wellbeing’ as part of everything I do and something I want to incorporate in future projects’ – Happy Museum Commission

Museum Case Studies

Some case studies where this principle was tested out in practice.

Themed Case Studies

Here is a themed case study focusing on this principle.


Some tools you might like to use.

      Review for organisations

      • Valuation DIY
        Valuation DIY A fun, workshop approach reviewing outcomes by prioritising or valuing outcomes. Valuation DIY is ...
      • Observational evaluation
        Observational evaluation An in-gallery approach to predefined indicators of outcomes. Observational evaluation involves researchers observing participants in ...
      • Narrative evaluation
        Narrative evaluation A desk work approach to identifying themes including how frequently they recur, by analysing ...
      • Embedded evaluation
        Embedded evaluation A variety of in-gallery, open approaches which might be fun, embedded in the exhibition ...