This article by Tony Butler, Museums of Happiness, is in a 2012 edition of Resurgence Magazine: CATALYSTS FOR CHANGE.

It gives background to the Happy Museum project and points to the influence the project is having and can have in the wider world of culture, ecology and change. The article sits alongside other extremely interesting articles such as Waste Not, Want Not by Paul Hawken examining the dizzying levels of waste created by a consumer led society that ‘wastes’ people as well as the planet; Rescuing The Economy by Nick Robins looking at the key task facing the Rio +20 Summit in ‘greening the global economy’ ( and how the Bank of England may be cottoning on finally to the inherent vulnerabilities of its economic system) and a wealth of international news about projects the world over acting as catalysts for change. Inspiring stuff. Museums of Happiness sits well within it. Page 13.

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