Using a Story of Change to plan and review Happy Museums is at the heart of measuring what matters.  It’s a logical approach which reverse-plans from the difference we are hoping to make to what we do and how we do it; the Why? What? and How? of a Happy Museum. Find our more about how to use the Story of Change in your museum.

This is the  Happy Museum Project underpinning Story of Change  which reflects the combined learning from all the Happy Museum’s we’ve worked with and our research partners at Simetrica and Oxford Internet Institute.    Each row is introduced by a Happy Museum Principle, and the columns are the How? What? And Why? of implementation.

You can find our most up-to-date version of our Story of Change 2022 – which was reviewed and updated by the Happy Museum’s Steering Group.

‘It [Story of Change] was a brilliant method for getting us focused and talking about what we want to achieve’ – IWM North Head of Learning.

* The Happy Museum Project is conducting a national LIFE survey, where LIFE = Learning, Interactions with others, Feelings and emotions, and Environmental awareness.