Using a Story of Change to plan and review Happy Museums is at the heart of measuring what matters.  It’s a logical approach which reverse-plans from the difference we are hoping to make to what we do and how we do it; the Why? What? and How? of a Happy Museum. Find our more about how to use the Story of Change in your museum.

The Happy Museum Project has it’s own Story of Change – see below.

This reflects the combined learning from all the Happy Museum’s we’ve worked with and our research partners at Simetrica and Oxford Internet Institute.  Each row is introduced by a Happy Museum Principle, and the columns are the How? What? And Why? of implementation.

‘It [Story of Change] was a brilliant method for getting us focused and talking about what we want to achieve’ – IWM North Head of Learning.

* The Happy Museum Project is conducting a national LIFE survey, where LIFE = Learning, Interactions with others, Feelings and emotions, and Environmental awareness.